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Take Control, Sell More: Retail POS Designed for Your Store

Point of sale, or POS, is where the transaction takes place between the merchant and the customer to buy a product. Zakya is cloud-based POS software that offers a comprehensive POS solution for small retail stores to manage their day-to-day operations and unify the sales channels, whether in store, via mobile apps, or online. It also acts as a central component for your business where Inventory, Sales, and Customer Management coincides.

Sell Smarter From Day One with our Intelligent POS services!

With TurnOnWeb’s retail POS services, you can unlock the potential of smart selling from the very first day. Our comprehensive solutions provide seamless checkout experiences, accurate inventory tracking, and insightful analytics, empowering your store to thrive in the competitive retail landscape.

Experts Analysis

Get a clear picture of your current operations. We analyze your business needs, identify pain points, and recommend the ideal POS solution tailored to your specific product mix, inventory management challenges, and sales trends.


Don’t worry about setup complexities. Our experienced team handles the entire POS implementation process – from data migration and system configuration to comprehensive testing and training – ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

Training & Support

Equip your staff with the confidence to conquer your POS system. We provide user-friendly training materials and ongoing technical support to answer questions, troubleshoot issues, and accelerate user adoption.

Get It Done Seamlessly with Retail POS

Looking for a reliable and user-friendly retail POS for your store? TurnOnWeb has got you covered. Our customized retail POS solutions help streamline your checkout process, manage inventory, and keep track of sales data in real-time. From small and medium-sized businesses to large retail chains, we cater to all your retail POS needs. With TurnOnWeb, you can get it done seamlessly.

How Retail POS can help retail stores?

A Retail POS system can streamline daily operations, improve inventory management, track sales, and provide valuable insights for business growth. TurnOnWeb’s Retail POS Solution offers cutting-edge POS features to boost the efficiency and success of your retail store.

Retail POS Solution Helps in Faster Checkouts

Faster Checkouts

 Avoid long queues, frustrations & lost sales. Our app integrates with various components, allowing for seamless billing, offline processing of data.

Retail POS Solution helps in Order Fulfillment

Order Fulfillment

 The order fulfillment process, allowing you to pack, ship, and deliver orders hassle-free. With features like shipment tracking, return management, and SMS.

Retail POS Solution helps in Inventory Management

Inventory Management

you can monitor your inventory in real time and manage the list of items, the stock on hand and reorder them whenever they are low. It also records the cash-flow.

Retail POS Solution Helps in Analysis of Sales report

View Sales report & analytics

Monitor inventory summary, product sales, customer balances, and purchase order details effortlessly.

Retail POS for Stores Solution Helps in managing customer information

Managing customer information

Our Retail POS enables effective management of customer information, allowing you to attract and retain customers.

Retail POS Solution Helps in Integrating with Zoho

Integrating with Zoho & other applications

This offers seamless integration with Zoho Commerce, Zoho Books, and various third-party shipping and tracking channels.

Ignite Retail Success with TurnOnWeb's Futuristic POS Solution

TurnOnWeb’s POS solution empowers diverse retail businesses, from trendy apparel boutiques to bustling grocery stores. Experience the cutting-edge features, intuitive interface, and tailored solutions of TurnOnWeb’s modern retail POS system, designed to optimize your operations and boost your business growth. Let your retail dreams thrive with TurnOnWeb.

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