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The World Is Increasing At A Very Fast Pace. India Has 44 Crore 82 Lakhs Users Of Mobile Phones And 56 Crores 45 Lakhs People Have Access To The Internet. But When We Go To The Market Around Us, We See There Are A Lot Of Businesses Who Are Just Relying On The Footfall Of Customers To Their Place And They Have No Access To The People Who Are Having Mobile Phones With The Internet In Their Hands And They Follow Everything Whatever Is Visible To Them On The Screen.


And Then It Struck Us. Why Not Small Businesses Can Reach These Potential Customers And Grow With The Current Speed Of The World. Why Not They Also Benefit From The Digital Age We Are Moving Rapidly Towards. For The Same, We Thought Of Doing Something About It And Came Up With TurnOnWeb.

TurnOnWeb, as the name suggests, is a combination of three words: Turn (means go towards), On (means Online) and Web (means the whole Internet) so, the name TurnOnWeb which move towards and Switch ON the Online World for your business in this Digital world. TurnOnWeb is not just a name, it is a concept which aims to provide equal opportunity of digital presence to all, to enable small, medium to aspirational businesses for their online presence and to fight the digital inequality present in the businesses today.


We can see how Big e-commerce company are utilizing their digital might to eat the market space of small businesses. We at TurnOnWeb provides these small/local businesses/profession with digital tools like their online presence at social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Google), their Website along with running advertisements on all such places  at a more affordable cost to make them digitally empowered and bringing them on a equal platform with that of MNCs, Brands and other big businesses.

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